My Sky Color

A forty something Dad, Husband, Engineer guy living in Western Oregon. Reflections on all things in life. A few technical things and whatever else comes along.

Monday, August 29, 2005

(Say it fast)
L: Designing things
DL: Litter
L: Building things
DL: A bed with no sheets
L: Animals
DL: Poor quality stuff
L: Mexican food
DL: Smoking due to the litter
L: Toyota Landcruisers
DL: Under dressed obese people
L: Comfortable clothes
DL: Slow computers
L: High speed access
DL: Incessantly barking dogs
L: Babies
DL: Incessantly crowing roosters
L: Fine craftsmanship
DL: Cottage cheese
L: Peanut butter (crunchy)
DL: Roofing removal
L: Waffles - sour dough best, blue berry next best
DL: Hard boiled eggs
L: Van Halen
DL: Minorities that think they deserve special treatment
L: Snow
DL: Humidity over 70%
L: Cloud shapes
DL: Cities
L: Breasts
DL: The Legos not picked up
L: Firearms
DL: Disciplining the lads
L: The beach
DL: Drizzle
L: Cool Aid
DL: Not having peanut butter in the house
L: Goats
DL: Rabbit smell
L: Trees
DL: Drivers not going at least the speed limit
L: Sunshine filtering thru the trees
DL: People that pay someone to fix things
L: Being self sufficient
DL: People that only rant
L: Breathing - You know the meaning after having lung surgery
DL: Pushy sales-people
L: Books - Especially ones that answer questions and contain lots of useful information
DL: Groups that think they need treatment different than everyone else
L: ....
DL: Mosquitoes
This could go on forever. Each year under the bridge makes the list longer. It seems easier to find DLs than Ls. Enjoy and ponder your own L-DLs. DMP

Friday, August 26, 2005

Misc Mania
Last night a skunk was prowling the place. With all of the windows open it was a stinker! I think it was checking out the barn because the barn cat showed up outside the bedroom window. If this skunk stink shows up again Elmer Fudd is going hunting.
Depression sucks.... When one does self defeating things thinking it will be good, its just downhill dominoes. What a funk. Will try to work it off. Sometimes that works.
Okay, got that off my mind. Breath deep... DMP

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Another Grand

Not a Kid
This is a Punk
Spike (3 year old)
Spike is the leader and bully. He pushes around all the little goats. He is 3X larger than the rest. So it is easy to push the kids around.
The lads and I had a very productive evening. We had a 3 item list as opposed to the normal one item list. We installed two trap doors on the tree fort. Hauled 5 loads of rotten wood to either the burn piles or the manure pile. Then we headed down the road and picked two gallons of black berries.
As a reward the boys got to stay up until 9 PM watching The Deadliest Catch on Discovery Channel. A nice night ... The Boss is home. Gotaa go! DMP

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Worth Two Thousand Words
As an Engineer I communicate best with pictures. As a writer of the blog maybe I communicate best with pictures...
Marshall (2 month Pygora)

Sarah (4 month Pygmy) & Younger C.
A couple 1000 words to glimpse my world. Yes, I have a great backyard. DMP

Monday, August 15, 2005

Life After the Roof

So what did I do before the roof project? I have been working on the roof for 9 days straight (excluding Sundays) and I can't remember what I did with my spare time before this project. I have realized how being a desk jockey is not good for ones health.

Well the list begins...

1. Get ready for winter. That means firewood. I have a couple cords cut and split. I want to build a wood shed so the wood is under cover and located in one place. I have a free lumber deal that needs to be hauled home. Then I have a shed in-the-making.

2. Work on the Landcruiser.

3. Clean the garage!

4. Take the boys fishing.

Speaking of the boys. They are headed to our friends place in Wallowa, Oregon, for a few days. They are so excited. They get to go logging, rock crushing, road building and whatever else comes along.

My wife, Cami, is the best. She likes to work hard and show the other girls what she is made of. Well she is a bionic woman of sorts. She has two 3/8 diameter rods in her back and assorted other hardware to stop her scoliosis progression. Anyway she has been a great help on the roof. Yesterday she stands up and bam! Now she is walking around all bent over like a 90 year old, osteoporosis poster child. Sounds like she has a pinched nerve in her lower back and can't stand up straight. Hopefully it won't last as she is really active.


Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Roof is Going Up

Thanks to everyone that helped with the roofing project. Is is about 25% away from completion. Of course the hottest weekend of the year is when the roofing project happens. The easy stuff is done with the installation and now all of the valleys and flashing have to be completed. The removal was the worst part on the hottest days.

It is really satisfying having the new roof look nice and having done it yourself (with lots of help).

On another subject: Is Dumbledore really dead? My co-worker, Jim, came up with that idea.