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Friday, February 13, 2009

Growing Like a Weed

So when we moved to the country over 4 years ago I just knew the clean air and open spaces would be good for the boys. Early on we discovered that slipping a few goat droppings into there shoes now and then really gave them a growth spurt. Both of them have grown about a foot in height since we have lived here. What really made the difference was getting the alpacas. Their manure can be put directly on the flower beds and really makes the plants happy and it not to hot. During the last year of have the alpaca droppings available the boys have really shot up.

It is like a secret weapon. It has the potiental for secret military Super Soldier programs. The on-line business potential is staggering. Where this could take us is hard to image. I'll bet more money can be made selling small vials of alpaca poo than selling their 10x warmer fleece. Keep this one on the hush hush. DMP

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Sunday, February 08, 2009


Life has just been happening. The weekdays are busy with work and youth activities. We've spent Saturdays cleaning up all the debris from the natural pruning.

This past Saturday my first born, my Dad and I went to the Sportsman's Show at the expo center. It was huge with lots of humanity. We talked to several African Safari companies. That sure is a rich man's adventure. We went as a bit of a birthday activity. February 1967 was the time of my birth. You do the math.

We hired an out-of-work local carpenter to fix the corner of the house. We got some insurance money so it can't hurt to help someone else out.

I am looking at an engineering side job. It is a new idea in building construction using plastic materials. It is a very interesting and challenging project. It comes at a good time financially. I need to make sure it is right for the family.

Things are going fine. We're just living life. DMP