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Monday, October 17, 2011

Frog's for Dinner 

Part of our annual deer hunting adventure is shooting frogs at the pond.  The pond has thousands of small frogs and hundreds of big frogs.  This year little C built up a new toy for the frog slaying.  We were told of a frog stalking trick, stay on the four wheeler.  That is how we got some pictures of the big ones.

We had a great time camping and hunting.  We saw elk, deer and a good size bear.  The bear was going 40 mph about 300 yards away and into the brush.  We saw him for just a quick second.  Later we did get to walk his trail and check out the tracks.

This year little C wanted to do the deer shooting all on his own, on my tag under the mentoring program.  He had several chances but had a hard time connecting.  Hunting is a little more exciting, compared to shooting cans!  As always we learned lots.


A Goat's Life - Somebody's Got to do It

This is Gibson, a striking little fellow but the fraidy-cat of the goat herd.  He reminds me of an African antelope.  I'd think he was wanting us to do some shooting from the bench, if I didn't know hit true nature.