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Friday, November 13, 2009

So How Smart Do You Really Think You Are?

Here is a site that you can spend a few hours seeing how smart you really are on.

Or if you need some questions for a party or class...


Monday, November 02, 2009

Update of Random Items in My Head
I haven't blogged in awhile but of course have had several things bouncing around in my cranium.

If you are going to sign you child up to play on a sports team be committed to the cause. You are teaching the child dedication to a team. You are teaching responsibility. This soccer season has taught this volunteer coach a few things...

Fall is my favorite season of the year. The cool clear air is ideal for working outside. Saturday I marshalled the troops and we took care of a few dead standing trees that were just waiting for a good wind storm to make a mess. This way I could kind of control where they fell. I have plenty of firewood. The shed is full and we are stacking the over-run behind it.

There is a place near home we call "Thousand Acres." It has been an undeveloped place where people can take their dogs without a leash. It is more than 1000 acres. Years ago it was used as range land for cattle. It is north of I-84 and east of the Sandy River. Over a year ago I noticed some construction going on there. I had heard that some public entity was in control of the land and "making improvements." We take our dogs there about once a year just cause. We've been there twice lately as a Sunday afternoon hike with the canines. The US Forest Service is the controlling entity we've discovered. Now there are signs, maps, rules and tax dollars being tossed around freely. There are gravel trails, an elevated platform with plastic wood decking and stainless steel accessories and of course outhouses.

The platform is in a spot that would be a nice view point on the Columbia River but it is behind a bunch of trees blocking the view. The other odd thing is that the platform is circular and there are 10 foot 2x6's standing verically radiating outward around the perimeter with the edge of each board embossed with the name of a plant or animal that Lewis & Clark observed or discovered. So you can't really see out from this platform. Mind you this thing is about a mile and a half from the parking lot...

Of course there are small plastic bags and strategically placed trash cans for the doggie owners to pick up the warm mushy poo of their dogs... I won't. I can't.

The majority of the trees in this area are cottom wood trees. So the USFS has taken if upon themselves to plant more cotton wood trees in the grassy meadows as "reparian restoration." I say, "If trees needed to grow there they would have due to the millions of seeds produced each year by the mature trees." What a bunch of non-sense! I'm done.

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