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Thursday, November 23, 2006

One's happiness cannot be based on other's influence. You are in charge of you. Create your own happiness.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Doting Fathers
We hear of child prodigies learning to do astounding things at a very early age. Typically I believe in letting nature determine what a child does. I know some remarkable things are done by children because the parents push so hard from the beginning. I believe it is good to let kids try things to see what that like and really take an interest in. This is the way I was raised and it seemed to work.
I tried different sports, instruments, hobbies, etcetera. I took piano lessons around the age of eight. I had a drum set and played in the 5th and 6th grade bands. Musically I wasn't a true match. As a family we aren't real musical. We can play the radio we enough, but we don't have a piano in the living room.
So the youngest is a little unique. He taught himself to do flips on the tramoline at age 4. He taught himself to burp at 3. He figured out how to whistle at the age of 5. His math and reading are progressing rapidly as a 1st grader. Since he was three he has said he is going to play guitar with Van Halen. He is a kid, he doesn't understand that they don't need a guitarist.
So a parent wonders, when do you start a child on the guitar? Too young and they can't handle it or are not responsible enough. Too old and they are distracted by other interests and pursuits.
So I did it! I outfitted the youngest with the electric guitar, amp, case, stand, etc. These cover his birthday and Christmas this year. So now to find a teacher that is able to work with a 7 year old. That electric thing is fun...! DMP