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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

School Started and Summer is Winding Down
Busy summer wind down in process. We finished the house painting project so I am a bit freed up to pursue other projects. I have been helping a new friend get his house done so they can move in. He is building the house. I have been trying to get the outdoor stuff done for the house before the rain begins. So my Saturdays and a few evenings are going to the house building project.
Last time, I announced the addition to the farm herd of Harvey the pot belly pig. Harvey was cheap. Harvey has his issues to go along with the price. We got him at around 5 months old and he has never been handled by people. He is afraid (with a capital A) of people touching him. So how do you have a cute little pet pig that won't get close to you. We have been patiently working with him at feeding time. I have e-mail the pet pig experts on the WWW. So I decided to try the tough love approach. I chased him around the pen and caught him. Man! Pigs squeal loud! It gets the neighbor's attention.
I sat and talked to him for over 10 minutes. He calmed down and seemed to get used to it. When I first caught him, he was in fight or flight mode. I had to dodge the snapping teeth. I need to do it again. When I have fed him subsequently he looks at me like, "Is it rodeo time?" So we are getting a pig counselor to come out and work with Harv. NOT!
The lads and I floated down the Sandy River last night, from Dabny Park to Lewis and Clark Park. The river is really low and we drug bottom through a couple of the rapids. The youngest C got nervous on a couple rapids and wanted to walk. We made it through and it was a nice ride. We saw several Blue Herons, a vulture, several ducks, a King Fisher, etc. DMP