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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Shop 2

There's an odd growth on that tree. I wish the photographer would zoom in closer. So we can see what it is...

Would you look at that, it is some crazy guy working on the tree. Hmmm, DMP must be starting the tree removal for the shop. The story is long and a real nail biter. Especially if you are the guy hanging up there. With some literal blessings from above, and I don't mean the wind, the tree top cooperated.

That is a good feeling when the top goes where it is planned to go. So there is a half of tree on the ground and one-and-a-half to go. DMP

Did I Mention We Bought a Four Wheeler

I couldn't take the pressure any longer and a surprise check came in the mail. The new wheels are a Honda, Rancher, 2-wheel drive, 350 cc with manual shift transmission.

The boys are having a great time. They are learning the laws of physics slowly.

The best thing I have found the four wheeler for is chasing the dogs home. Remy hates it when I come after her. We've had the machine for about 2 weeks now.

I need to build a little trailer for it so the lads can do some work with this little tractor. DMP

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Shop 1
So this begins the saga of the construction of the shop. I have a 40 x 30 x 14 building "in engineering" at Web Steel. I obtained about 8 quotes from different building kit suppliers. I looked at pole barns, quonset hut types, fabricated steel beam truss, and web truss. I wanted to keep the cost under $15k so I would have money for the concrete and permits.
The permits are a huge ordeal but I am working through it. The plans should be ready at the end of the month so I am working to have everything else ready then too. This way I can submit everything at once.
The photos below show the spot the building is going. Of course it isn't an open space. It has a 36 inch diameter Douglas fir tree right smack in the middle of the plot. And a 2 year old alder stump. I am going to remove another big fir that is tight against the driveway and makes manuvering difficult. This tree is on the right edge of the photo.

I climb with spurs so the tree removal isn't a big deal. The only problem is that I am a desk jockey and out of shape bad. I am either going to rent a stump grinder or an excavator to get the stumps out.

The place for the building requires a fair amount of grading to get it level. It is 3 feet low relative to the upper end. Should be interesting. DMP

Thursday, May 03, 2007

"Life Flash Before My Eyes"... Almost
A memorable thing happened on the way to work this morning. When I stopped at the intersection of Sandy Blvd and Blue Lake Rd there were a couple cars in front of me. I had the radio on but could hear a rushing sound. I turned off the radio. It sounded like soneone was venting an air compressor tank. A really big one! On one corner of the intersection there is a gravel lot. There were a couple semi trucks parked there which isn't unusual. I started looking at them to see if an air line had broke. As I turned right onto Blue Lake Rd, I remembered that there is a natural gas pipeline valve in the gravel lot with a little chain link fence around it. One of the trucks had hit that thing! I could see that his trailer had swung around at just the right height to knock the valve off. I started sniffing. Sure enough that whooshing sound was high pressure gas venting.

I dialed 911 right away and accelerated away from that delicate piece of atmosphere. I was on hold on 911... Several minutes later I hung up and put my phone away. So a couple minutes later my phone rings. It is 911 making sure I'm okay. I told them I was reporting the gas line break. They were already responding. About that time I started to hear sirens.

I get to work at 7 AM. Some of the guys that were minutes behind me had to detour several miles around that intersection.

I am hear to say that I am glad the truck driver didn't get out to see what he'd hit with a cig going. With all the internal combustion engines around there at that moment it is amazing it didn't light up. I just had a hair cut. DMP

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