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Monday, October 29, 2007

Shop 13: Roof Framing is Done

I took Friday off from work as the sun was shining and Dad was available to help. It is pretty tough working with 10 to 14 foot 2x8's anywhere from 14 to 19 feet off of the ground. So Friday we got the fascia boards on, the blocking done between the purlins at the front and rear walls, and one corner of the eaves completed. It doesn't sound like much by it takes awhile for every little step. The blocking was the worst. Each one was a slightly different length and one had to be installed before the next one could be measured. The Mrs. was on the ground cutting and Dad and I were nailing and measuring. The fascia boards required us to snap a chaulk line and trim the purlins before installation. Then we had to hoist a 14 foot 2x8 up there and mark it and cut it.

Saturday turned out to be a bit windy. A bit windy in Corbett is 40 MPH gusts. We kept at it though and we finished all of the roof framing. We worked on putting up the angle braces. The braces go between the steel trusses and adjacent purlins or girts. I ran short on some of those pieces so I have to harass the company to send me some more. So now depending on the wind I can put roof on! Whoopee

For the interest of the mechanics in the family I have included a picture of the flatbed framing on the Ford. I need to take it off and do some more welding and get it painted. The taillights are LED's from scrapped forklifts... DMP

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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Shop 12: Purlins Possible in a Day?
Saturday we started out the day meeting at Park Rose Hardware to rent rolling scaffolding. We set it up and put up the center span of roof purlins. The we had to install 4 X's of cable braces. We then did the purlins in the rear and then the front. Three sides have 18" overhangs and the front has a 36" overhang. We had to measure and figure how long to make the purlins in the front and rear bays. The the high level of accuracy on the concrete forms and the level pads where the bolts are for the steel posts (I wish) resulted in some interesting math and averages. We went with the longest dimension under the assumption that it is easier the cut them off than to add on.
Dad and I were up on the scaffolding and the Mrs. was on the ground doing the cutting. She prefers the ground. We tried to trade her but she didn't want the sky view. Pulling 13 foot 2x8's up to the 15 foot scaffold level was a chore. Two thirds of the way through the day we started using a strap on one end of the board to help pull it up from the ground. The big bunks of lumber are now almost gone. I have to frame the overhangs and put the fascia boards on the gables then we're ready for the roof.
I still have to frame in the windows and the walls will be ready. The Mrs. just demanded that I state how wonderful she is and we couldn't have done it with out her. Truly, she made the difference between a multi day job and being able to get it done in one day.
It is supposed to rain for the next ten days but I think I will still work on framing the overhangs. The weather just gets worse from here. DMP

Friday, October 12, 2007

Shop 11: Constructive Family Time
Last Saturday we got the wall girts all on except two above the large door opening. We put in the X brace cables. One pair on each of the 4 walls. The cables took a lot of time. There was the learning curve of how to assemble them. The way they are design requires drilling an angled hole through each of the girts at an angle.
I have the basic framing done around the 12' x 12' door opeing and around the man door opening.
Hopefully this Saturday we'll get the purlins up for the roof. It will take a little extra time to frame the over hangs on all 4 sides. DMP

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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Shop 10: The Iron is Hung

We started out Saturday planning on putting up the rest of the steel with the farm modified lift device for the TD9 loader. Even with this apparatus we just had enough height to put up the trusses with a 19 foot peak. As we were getting going the neighbor came over and asked if we need help as he had a telescopic forklift at his disposal. Holy smokes, yes! That would be great!

We used the loader to move the pieces around and get the trusses bolted together.

Using the tele and the neighbor's experience as a full-time crane operator putting up the rest of the roof structure went really well. It took alot less time and we didn't feel like we could die at any second. We got all of the wall girts on except the north wall as well. It was another really productive day. The weather even cooperated and it didn't rain all day. Dad was a great help. DMP

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