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Friday, May 23, 2008

Recent Crud
Regular Unleaded - $3.83
Auto Diesel - $4.79
Varmint hunting, shooting, etc. Smart guy. Very well done site.
Tried to shear Randall last Saturday. Getting him hog tied and strung out was no problem. The shears after a few passes didn't want to cut. I am going to see my local contact to see what the trouble is today. If the weather is decent maybe we will have another go at finishing the other half of his haircut.
No big plans for the three day weekend. Don't like crowds or traffic so we stay close to home. DMP

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Managerie in the Sunshine

This is Sur (Sir). He is a Suri alpaca. He has straight wavy wool. He has unique blue eyes that are pretty cool but a little creepy. Sur is greedy with the grain but more jumpy that his cousin below.

This is Randall. He is the standard puffy sheep's wool type. He is not so jumpy but not a buddy yet. Alpaca's have a nice toilet trait of going in one spot. It is easy to clean up that way...

This is Marshall the pygora goat. He has psoriasis or some kind of skin mites. He is almost too friendly.

This is Harvey the pot bellied pig. He is very shy. We are trying to teach him to play ball with us. We just started. It could be a long process. He's a little afraid of the ball.

These are the goslings. They don't have names yet. They are very endearing. They are growing so fast! DMP

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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Of Dog's and Fowl

The big dog, Remy, has been known to eat chickens that stray into her yard. While having the goslings in the house it is interesting to watch her. She goes into the bathroom with us at any opportunity and studies those birds. She rests her muzzle on the edge of the tube and just stares. The lads think she is naming them Lunch and Dinner.

The goslings have at least doubled in size and have over doubled in weight. The eldest lad takes them outside in the front yard almost daily. He gets a kick out of them following him around. If they get a little behind they stretch their heads forward and run, while holding their little wings out. I'll have to try for a pix or video. It's pretty funny.

We've had 3 days of sunshine and now I remember why we live here.

Gas is around $3.55 and diesel is around $4.20. We are trying to make every trip count. DMP

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