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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Life as it Is
Where to start. Last Wednesday I got all of my hardware removed. I am free of foreign bodies in my body. I went to the Doc and they sent me to the Hospital down the street for an x-ray. I got to see the pictures and took a photo with my phone to share. I haven't conquerred the technology to get the pix off of the phone... The "hand specialist" has the personality of a red brick. In the several visits, once he actually made a life based comment. So we took a look at the x-rays then went back into the little room. There was an observer tagging along on this day. He doesn't say, "well we will now remove the pins, here's how we are going to do it." He just opens a sterile package and pulls out a heavy duty, short jawed pair of locking forceps. I hold my hand out and he latches onto the first pin. Gives it a couple twists then applies steay pressure to it. I was waiting for it to hurt... Not a thing. Kind of suddenly it pulls free. He then clamps onto the other pin. Does the twist and constant pull. This one does budge. He applies more pull this one comes free sudden like and during the recovery from the sudden release the Doc stabs himself in his other thumb. I laughed. I couldn't help it. This was the first time he actually exhibited human reaction. He was bleeding all over the place and scrambling to get a gauze pad and wash it off. To add some levity I say, "You're bleeding more than I did with my surgery!" He had a comeback with, "I'm bleeding enough for all of us."
I am supposed to open and close my hand 10 times per hour. Tough therapy.
Today is the full week make that the boys and I have been bach'ing it. The Mrs. had to split sudden like as her Dad was having heart problems. He had a 5 way bypass on Friday after being flown from Helena to Billings. He was released from the hospital today and will make the trek home tomorrow. Mrs. is coming home tomorrow. Yippeee.
The second day of being on our own the gate between the fenced yardf around the house and the pasture came open, didn't latch, or was left open. So the dogs had run of the farm animal area and the farm animals had run of the yard. Luckliy it is winter and the plants are mostly dead. The goats mowed off whatever they could find. They found the rhododendrons. Rhodies are poisonous to most everything, including goats. So Doublestuff looked fine and Marshall looked very sad. I frantically called around to find a large animal vet that could tell me how to treat them. So there I am with a goat in a head lock between my knees trying to force feed him vegetable oil. The little fellow looked pretty rough for several days. I kept force feeding him water to keep him hydrated. Doublestuff had a day that he didn't look to happy and barfed up some ruemen ick.
Remy has acquired a taste for chickens. So during the day of freedom she killed and ate two of the chickens. The bloody lipstick was a dead give away. As of today it appears everyone except the two chicken are okay from the ordeal. I have had another home vet success. With goats the real vets understand that they don't cost very much and the cost of his visit will replace a couple goats.
The youngest is now signed up for baseball and the annual 6 day wrestling camp at the school. The eldest is in the thick of BSA activities with two snow trips under his belt.
My Mom has a buldged disc in her back and has been out of action for over two weeks. So that is making everyone in her household appreciate her.
I just got home tonight from witnessing the signing of a Will for my friend Glen that is dieing from lung cancer. Never smoked a day in his life. He is surrounded by family. He is just the nicest guy. It really makes me sad to see his decline. He apologized tonight for inconviencing us to help with the Will.
Oh eight is the year of bummer health for friends and family. DMP

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Success at Last!
I finally got the neighbor's tractor running! It has been a growing experience... I have to button up a couple details and it is off my list. That is a little project that I will be happy to see in my review mirror. DMP

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