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Sunday, February 05, 2012

I Love Wood

I grew up in Centralia, WA.  When we moved there in the early 1970 my Dad bought a Stihl chainsaw from a shop called Madsen's.  It was a little place in an old gas station.  They had a big reputation with the loggers around that area.  Madsen's actually taught Stihl how to make a high performance saws.  Even though logging is pretty small new compared to the good old day's, Madsen's is still around.  I was cruising around the web and thought I would look them up.  They have a nationwide customer base due to their reputation for service and great saws.  They have a customer photo section that shows some amazing tree falling. 

Big wood  Scroll to the last picture to get a real perspective on the size of the wood!

Madsen's Saw Shop

I am in the market for a mid size saw, I just might have to go see them...



At 11:45 AM, Anonymous Julie said...

Hey bro, it's April now! I'm anxiously awaiting the next installment.


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