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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Shop 10: The Iron is Hung

We started out Saturday planning on putting up the rest of the steel with the farm modified lift device for the TD9 loader. Even with this apparatus we just had enough height to put up the trusses with a 19 foot peak. As we were getting going the neighbor came over and asked if we need help as he had a telescopic forklift at his disposal. Holy smokes, yes! That would be great!

We used the loader to move the pieces around and get the trusses bolted together.

Using the tele and the neighbor's experience as a full-time crane operator putting up the rest of the roof structure went really well. It took alot less time and we didn't feel like we could die at any second. We got all of the wall girts on except the north wall as well. It was another really productive day. The weather even cooperated and it didn't rain all day. Dad was a great help. DMP

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At 5:41 PM, Blogger Carly said...

Holden says, "Nice shop, good work!"

Michael says, "Looking good! Kudos to the neighbor."

At 8:10 AM, Anonymous Julie said...

How about that neighbor! You lucked out there. Also, I'm glad for the safety factor.


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