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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Shop 1
So this begins the saga of the construction of the shop. I have a 40 x 30 x 14 building "in engineering" at Web Steel. I obtained about 8 quotes from different building kit suppliers. I looked at pole barns, quonset hut types, fabricated steel beam truss, and web truss. I wanted to keep the cost under $15k so I would have money for the concrete and permits.
The permits are a huge ordeal but I am working through it. The plans should be ready at the end of the month so I am working to have everything else ready then too. This way I can submit everything at once.
The photos below show the spot the building is going. Of course it isn't an open space. It has a 36 inch diameter Douglas fir tree right smack in the middle of the plot. And a 2 year old alder stump. I am going to remove another big fir that is tight against the driveway and makes manuvering difficult. This tree is on the right edge of the photo.

I climb with spurs so the tree removal isn't a big deal. The only problem is that I am a desk jockey and out of shape bad. I am either going to rent a stump grinder or an excavator to get the stumps out.

The place for the building requires a fair amount of grading to get it level. It is 3 feet low relative to the upper end. Should be interesting. DMP


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