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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Charitable Destruction

So that is me at the top of the pole in the picture. The pole was a cedar tree like the one on the left. They are both 3 inch stumps now.

One of the things I taught myself is tree climbing and removal. It is a handy skill in Oregon. It is the most tiring sport I have ever played. It is the full body workout and sweat.

I got to see one of my Tualatin friends and be a help to the betterment of a community. This is the guy with the really tricked out CJ7. The block cracked on his 450 HP 383 stroker engine. When he tore down the engine there were some other issues. A word of caution - Do your internet buying research carefully. The lowest price isn't always the best deal. I'm tired... DMP


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