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Monday, September 12, 2005

Home From the Land of Cotton
So I made it home from Greenville, NC. It was a good trip. Lots to do, long days and I'm glad to be home.
Awhile back I obtained some free wood/lumber. It came from my Grandmother's house. There was an old barn there that was around 100 years old and had to be torn down. I was offered the best of the remainders and I love free stuff. This wood is mostly full dimension old growth wood. Gotta love that.
So I am building a wood shed. Yes, to store fire wood in. The trouble with a new place with space is you don't know how you want to organize everything. So why not make a mobile shed? During my time in Alaska we used big steel sleds to move things like machines, houses, etc. When a D8 CAT is doing the pulling you can move pretty big stuff. So the woodshed is going to be made mobile based on what I learned in AK. This time it is wood and won't be moved too many times. So you will get the building details in the ensuing blogs. DMP


At 6:20 PM, Anonymous Michael said...

I like the idea of a mobile woodshed. Then instead of packing wood to the shed, you bring the shed to the wood. When winter comes you can just move your shed to backdoor of your house, and get fire wood without putting your shoes on. Maybe you'd better put some axles under the shed for easier moving...and a engine for self-propelled moving...and four wheel drive so you don't get stuck in-between freeze-up and thaw...and then... I'll stop there.

Good luck on your woodshed.

At 10:42 PM, Anonymous Michael said...

check this out


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