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Monday, March 08, 2010

Dr. Doolittle Lives at My House

Due to our high mortality rate on the farm each spring the Mrs. gets a batch of chicks to replenish the flock of layer hens. It looks like my racoon hunting efforts have finally gotten their population under control. The racoons. One year we got a pair of gosslings and another year we got ducklings.

So Little C has seen and been a part of raising the chicks each spring. Right now he has two guinea pigs and a leopard gecko in his room. About once a month he starts a campaign to get another animal of some sort. Sometimes its a third dog, another guinea pig, a ferret, a fish tank and on and on.

This spring our chicken total is at 9, goats at 4, one pig and some wild cats. So we (the parents) had decided we didn't need any additional farm critters this spring. Last Friday the latest new animal campaign started. A trip to the farm store to get feed started the wheels turning.

Somehow between Friday morning and Saturday a pair of ducklings needed to come live at our house. On Friday Mom and Little C went all over checking duck options at the various farm stores. Saturday after talking to Dad they knew where they were going to get the new fowl. Saturday afternoon a newpaper lined recycling bin with water, food and light was set up in the middle of the kitchen counter. And just to show how much control I have over what goes on at my house, we have three ducklings...

PS - you know spring is here, all the goats are at the neighbors.

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At 3:17 PM, Blogger 包志伟 said...

Ducks...haha. I thought you told me to never get ducks? Our five chickens made it through the winter and are laying about four eggs per day.


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