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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Nice Cockerel!

As most of you know my wife has layer hens. Due to the high mortality rate around our place she has to get
a few chicks each spring at the local farm store. When we get the chicks the store maintains that the sex of the hens is 90+% accurate. Almost every year we have gotten at least one rooster. Generally the roosters are not nice. They can be a little rough on the hens. Often they are aggressive and come after us with their spurs slashing. They become targets for the boys.

This past spring we had a nice batch of chicks and of course we got the obligatory rooster. He's nice! He doesn't crow incessantly and is quite handsome. This rooster is the picture of the perfect rooster. The Mrs. want me to butcher it to save on feed. I don't want to because he is such a nice fellow.



At 10:04 AM, Anonymous Julie said...

The rooster is beautiful! Harvey is my kind of guy. Kind of plump and cozy. Don't tell Eric I said that.


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