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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Wolves Who Needs Them?

Oregon is now the reported proud owners of a pack of wolves. Now I admit that the settlers didn't always do things right when it came to "taming" a land but there were a few they got right. Wolves were killed of during the 1800's and earlt 1900's because they like to kill. Most predators kill what they need to survive.

I think the reintroduction of the wolf was a case of "the squeaky wheel" getting greased. It is a neat idea when you live in the city and make your living pushing meaningless paper around a desk. When your livelyhood relies on your herd being successful the whole picture changes.

Don't tell me they are a necessary part of the food chain. They weren't part of it for what? Fifty years and the chain seemed to be doing fine. Millions of dollars have been spent on this science experiment with what benefit?

The big game populations are the hardest hit. So the State Fish and Game departments are killing their golden egg laying goose. Hunting and hunters inject a huge amount of money into the state economies. Introducing something that depleats the game populations is counter productive...

Whoever said governmental decisions had to make business sense.

Okay I feel better now.



At 10:04 PM, Blogger Memphis Steve said...

If you want to make a situation infinitely worse, just invite the government to get involved.


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