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Sunday, February 28, 2010

South of the Border

I came back on Friday from a week in Mexico City. It was for work. When asked how was my trip I'm not sure what to say. A city of 22 million people is a little hard to encompass in a short answer. In an airplane the city goes on for a long time. The traffic is insane. Stop lights are fairly rare and the rules are a bit confusing.

The food and sanitary conditions are actually pretty good. The people are nice and hard working of course. Everyone is just trying to make some money to survive. There are zillions of little businesses. When you park your car at a store there are guys that wipe it down while you are gone. At a cost of a dollar or two, that's 20 pesos to you and me.

Part of my work was at a restarting Ford plant. Ford refurbished this 20 acre facility, refit everything, built new assembly lines and are going to start building 36 cars an hour on March 26th. It is pretty amazing the amount of money... They purchased 46 forklifts from Yale so I went with some other guys from our company to get things going.

I learned lots and reconfirmed my aversion to cities and large quantities of people. I like the country.



At 2:25 PM, Anonymous mom said...

You really have to think long and hard about going to Mexico these days. I'm glad you came home OK.

At 3:52 PM, Anonymous Julie said...

Weird experience. I'm like you, every time I drive to a big city, like say Salem, it reaffirms in my heart that Amity rocks! As does Corbett. :)


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