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Sunday, January 18, 2009

One of those Weeks

All day Tuesday I had it in my mind that is was Wednesday. I went home at lunch time and got back to work around 1:20. I have a Wednesday conference call at 1 PM every week. I called into the conference late but no one was there, so I assumed it had finished up quickly. I dated all my work as the 14th. Only until I was on my way home did I get it through my head that it was Tuesday.

Due to the windy conditions in Corbett we lose power frequently. It ofter flickers once or twice every 24 hours. So Thursday night I woke up and my clock radio was flashing the time so the power had gone out. I keep a watch on my night stand due to this happening so often. So in my sleepy frame of mind I studied the backup clock closely and reset the clock radio and alarm. After sleeping the rest of the night my alarm went off and I started my daily routine. After I had showered, dressed and was making breakfast the Mrs. appeared to inform me that I was an hour ahead of schedule. I am a morning person and was fully functional so I just went to work anyway. I got there at 6:15 AM...

With the world economic conditions my employer has been cutting back on expenses. Domestic travel has to be approved by VP's and international travel by the CEO. All contract people were laid off. The bottled water service was discontinued. On Thursday we got an email out of the blue anouncing another round of cuts. Cuts like 10% of everyone's salary. Tighten your belt family the spending fun is over. DMP

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At 3:52 PM, Anonymous Sheryl/mom said...

Aren't you glad that you still have the job? Times are tough! Better everyone takes a cut then people are laid off, I suppose.

At 9:35 AM, Anonymous Julie said...

Be grateful you are still working! The news is scary these days. Just listening to the morning headlines - 2500 people laid off in all. Even OHSU, which, you would think people would still get sick!?! But, like your office, do you really need bottled water? I'm hoping music does not take a hit here in Amity. I don't see any signs of that, but this all makes a person nervous.


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