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Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Good Medicine Moment

The Native Americans spoke of Good Medicine or things that occurred that were very meaningful. In my life time I have had a few of those occur while spending time outdoors. In my life the most worthwhile thing I have is my family and children. Recently Little C and I were elk hunting near Wallowa, Oregon. We spent a long day hiking through all the areas that will have elk. It was a rough weekend to be hunting due to it being a full moon, a spike hunt and the second weekend of the hunt. Most of the hunters had gone home so no one was pushing the animals around. It was a sunshine day and we hiked our legs off. Even though we didn't connect with a critter we had a nice visit with our friends and got to spend time outdoors.

I haven't been up to Wallowa Lake in a few years and I wanted to show it to Little C. I hoped that there would be some of the big bucks hanging around the park like usual.

There weren't many deer that day but we found one guy that liked our apple slices. It was pretty neat to see the look of wonderment on my son's face with that big buck picking up the apple pieces off the ground right next to the car. He wouldn't take them from his hand but almost. So we got to see this buck standing within three feet of the car munching up the pieces of apple. There was a doe there too but he had chased her off a short ditance. C threw her some pieces too.

She actually would take the pieces out of his hand before the buck came over and chased her off. I would venture to say that Little C won't forget this moment the rest of his life.

We hope to go back in the middle of winter when the snow is deep and there are more bigger bucks hanging around. We can also go to a place where the Game Comission feeds the elk. There we can usually see some monster bulls hiding in the timber close to the feeding area. DMP

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At 11:58 AM, Anonymous Julie said...

If that is such a good medicine moment, how can you turn around and shoot them? Shooting with cameras is much better.

At 12:03 PM, Blogger ryjame said...

Great photos. Makes me wish I was there. Just saw your comment left over a month ago. Sorry for the delay. I don't know of anyone who has one. I'll see if I can get some more information to you.


At 8:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great pictures. I'm sure Clayton will remember. Nice you could have one on one time with him like that. Good going!

the mother person


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