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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

You Know It's Hot When the Chickens are Panting

I don't have any great blog stories but a few little tid bits that are amusingly insteresting. Hot weather showed up in Oregon for 4 days. Around the farm making sure all the critters have water all the time is a bit of a chore. One after noon while filling up the various height water recepticles I looked over and there was a chicken with its beak open pretty wide panting. So alas there is your title.

Harvey the pig and the pair of geese are buddies now. They hang out together and mainly the geese follow Harv around. A couple times we have see come pretty funny interactions. I can never get a picture due to the geese being imprinted on people and running over to you when you go outside with the camera. One time the hen was pecking at Harvey's tail like it was a worm or something. Another time they were pulling the hair on his back. He didn't appreciate the hair pulling.

The geese now have an bizzar behavior. When I go out at dark to put them in the coop at night they will often run up the pasture honking and flapping their wings. It is goofy as heck! The wierd thing is they do want to go in at night and chow on the chicken feed.

We made an electric fence enclosure for the alpacas so they could have more grazing. After 2-3 weeks they had it cleaned up. Youngest lad and I expanded their fence saturday morning before it was too hot. We pull the wire out of one end of the old area so they could use the new area. Oh no. They wouldn't go into the new area. After a couple days we had to entice them into the new area with grain. After the revelation they were back in business grazing. Funny creatures.

The black berry picker has surpassed the 20 gallon mark. With the hot weather the cans and bottles business has been very productive. The people are really nice when Big C explains what he is doing. DMP

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At 6:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like summer on the farm is fun. Brings your bro back to his youth!
Way to go on the berry picking big C! Keep up the good work.
Hang in there and enjoy the peaceful and humorous moments on the farm. Keeps life in balance that way!
Enjoy the school year boys- Love CP and DP from CA.


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