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Thursday, June 26, 2008

New Experiences
With the odd assortment of critters on the farm. I have had a few new experiences in the last while. When herding the geese into the chicken coop last night I picked one up to help the process. So here I am holding a calm goose, that is almost full size and fully feathered, with its neck and head going over my left shoulder like a baby. That is not something you will not experience every day or even in a lifetime.

About 3 weeks ago while trying to catch Sur, the wilder or the two alpaca, he and I did a full hit the ground and roll over once. That was pretty exciting and unique. I am getting pretty good at alpaca wrestling.

While on safari last week I killed a rattle snake. I cut the head off and buried it. I never thought that it would be so tough to get that head off. By the way, rattle snakes retain their nerve pulses for a long time. When I started skinning it, it was still flinching an hour and a half after losing its head. This was the first time I've ever skinned a snake. FYI - the skin comes off pretty easily except when you get close to the rattles.

I have trimmed pig and alpaca hooves now. I think I have the alpaca figured out. The pig is still a learning experience. The squealing while trying to do it quickly is a little distracting.

While shearing the relatively tame alpaca, Randall, the wiley one laid down about 10 feet away to make sure his friend came through it okay. They make a sympathetic noise to each other as well.

So the farm menagerie is pretty fun and educational. DMP


At 3:54 PM, Anonymous Julie said...

Sounds like the fun never stop at your house! Its pretty quiet around here with one black dog and one black cat.

At 1:11 PM, Blogger Michael said...

Do you have pig(s) this summer?


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