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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Farm On!

We found a resonable price on hay so we went and picked up 20 bales for the winter. Of course, it was an adventure for the lads. The Mrs. talked to a local farmer and we went for Family night.

Now these are some teeth that would get a dentist excited. Due to our inexperience in the alpaca world we are trying to get some expert advise on the teeth. I think they are long, which is a common problem, and I need to find some one to help in the trimming.

This is Sur before he got his hair cut. He was less than pleased to be wrestled to the ground and stretched out between two trees. He made mad noises the drooled green slime most of the time. The green slime really smells.

This is from when we sheared Randal earlier in the summer but it is shown here so you can see how they get hog-tied.

It looks worse than it is. They just have to be fully restrained or they jump around a bunch. Some people say they can shear them standing but I don't think that would work in our case.
Down on the funny farm we have lots of adventures. DMP


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