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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Shop 15: Daily Roofing
No pictures this time as I couldn't time it right with remembering to take the picture and the day light. If I hussle home from work, change clothes and marshall the troops I can get 6 feet of roof on before it is too dark. I have half of the roof completeted with the trim and everything. I have 9 feet or 3 sheets on the other side. I wanted to have all of the trim on the completed side in case of a wind storm. Good thing, we had a blow on Wednesday. I had been worried about the metal and the wind. I had put a big round of fire wood on the stack of sheets on the trailer. It was a nice thought but the wind still pick up the stack and threw it off the trailer. Luckily, only one sheet got some dents in it. The rest of the sheets came thru unharmed.
Right now we are in Wallowa elk hunting. Some of the guys ran into 4 cows (it's a cow hunt) and got one on a quick shot through the trees. The weather is strange for here. It is 40 and raining off and on. We saw lots of deer and several nice bucks. We are really enjoying a visit with our friends and hoping to get an elk.
The shop roof hopefully will get finish during turkey day week. The walls will be a little easier as the sheets are shorter and under cover of the roof.
Happy T-day! Enjoy seeing your friends and family. Count your blessings and be thankful. DMP


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