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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Shop 14: We Have Covered Space

The shop has a front door and an eighth of a roof. We were all ready to put half of the roof on yesterday and discovered a problem with the front gables. After two hours of climbing, cutting, cursing, hammering and sweating we were ready to put the roof on. Before we even started with that I had to correct a manufacturing mistake on the steel trusses and that took about an hour and a half.

Putting the pieces of roofing on goes pretty good. You have to lay down the insulation/vapor barrier from the side wall to the peak first and staple it a few places to hold it. To get a piece of roofing up without kinking it we tie it up into a U shape. This was a tip from a friend at work that built one of these buildings a few years back. It takes roughly 50 screws per sheet. I had some rolls of caulking mastic stuff from when I built another metal building, so as an extra measure I am putting a bead in every joint between the sheets.
It is exciting to start getting some closure... no maybe that is enclosure. Once again the Mrs. was a ton of help. She doesn't like heights but toughed it a few times. With day-light-savings and the weather we are really having to push to get more metal on. DMP


At 1:52 PM, Anonymous Julie said...

Looks great. Hope you can come for Thanksgiving, but a little vacation may be in order after all of this hard work.


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