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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Shop 6
No concrete yet. The inspection on Friday didn't go so well. Much to my chagrin. My additional reinforcement baffled the inspector. He thought it would compromise the structure. My opinion is he didn't know what it was for, therefore, he had to question it. The real issue was the footing on fill. Also he wanted me tohave electrical and plumbing permits for the simple stub in pipes.
I have spent the day digging out the footing and backfilling it with gravel and compacting it. I had to take out a bunch of rebar. I will reschedule all the concrete people and equipment for next Saturday, and the inspection for Wednesday. This gives me Friday for a re-inspect if it is required.
I was a let down bummer after getting everything setup to have the inspector trump all the plans. Keep your fingers crossed! DMP


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