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Friday, February 10, 2006

39th B-day - Is it a good thing?
Going to the source of most knowledge good and bad (www)here are a few snippits.
- Wow, I’m still alive! By reaching 39, I’ve outlived Jesus, John
Candy, Marilyn Monroe, and Natalie Wood (uh, check on the actual age when she
slipped off that boat. I’m guessing 38). Suddenly, I felt a surge of positive
adrenaline, enough to shake off the covers and start my day!
- But I gotta tell you, 40 is the new 25.
There isn't any really juicy stuff relating to 39. As a young person looking up 39 is the edge of the abyss. Looking at it while living it, 39 doesn't seem so old. Looking at it, standing way back, it is the mid point of one's life. That makes me feel tired. The first half was a challenge. I guess I just have to settle in for the long haul and be happy where I am at.
I think I need to start planning my mid life crisis. I have my hot rod project, my herd of goats, and a nice family. I'm not sure how goats fit into the mid life crisis... With my half-life's worth of experiences and knowledge, the best is to be satisfied with what, who and where you have.
My wife and boys just called and sang birthday songs to me. That sums it up. DMP


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