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Friday, January 13, 2006

Blue Screen of Death
Yesterday I had this great post almost done when the blue screen of death occurred. And all was lost. My computer at work had been a little tempermental the last few days but that clinched it. The techies at work did a LOF (lube, oil, filter) on it and it seems to be stabilized.
I don't believe in the Friday the 13th nonsense. Beside it was Thursday the 12th. The Caddi lost its serpentine belt at the front gate to work and my computer crashed. Cami got the parts to me and I worked on it in the rain until the darkness overcame my ability to see. So I got it operational this morning in less than an hour. The pulley on the water pump was thinking of a trip, as 2 or the 3 bolts had fallen out. The Caddi was telling me that something was wrong.
There is a bond that forms between a car and its mechanic/owner when the two have been through expereinces like this. So now when I hear a certain noise I will know the serpentine belt is going south. I know to watch the pulley bolts on the water pump.
I had a 1971 LandCruiser that I had restore/over hauled when I was 18. We were thoroughly bonded. I knew if it ran badly in a certain way it needed a new set of points. I kept an extra set in the glove box. (Pocket in LandCruiser talk) I also knew about the pop can shim under the crank bearing cap on the number 3 piston rod. I knew that the Japanese bolts were really soft and broke easily. Its a guy thing. DMP


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