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Monday, January 16, 2006

Blogs are Like Pets...
Huh? You ask. Let me explain with some examples. I have a hedgehog, Theodore. He is nocturnal and covered with prickles. He is a shy little guy and has bad hygeine. It is fun to get him out in the evening and say hi. He curls up in a spiny ball if he doesn't want to socialize. He is unique but doesn't give a lot of feedback.
Chewy, the new pup, on the otherhand gives lots of feedback. He likes to play. He bites any unattended body parts that he spots. He sleeps on your lap in the evening after a big day of being a puppy. He even gives the possessed rolled back eyes when sleeping on your lap.
Blogs are supposed to be like puppies. The provide feedback to the blogger. I tried throwing out some controversial stuff like a radio talk show host to rile the listeners. To no avail. The readers need to comment and debate, cause a little "pot stirring." Maybe it is the audience. I come from a family that doesn't touch. Did I say that? That could be controversial...
The hugging thing is breaking down due to the spouses being huggers. That is a whole tangent I'm not prepared to take. This is about pet feedback... No blog feedback. So comment. DMP


At 3:57 PM, Anonymous the goat whisperers wife said...

I'm not too sure what to post--I'll hug you anytime. See you soon!

At 5:05 PM, Anonymous Julie said...

I applaud your courage in the whole hugging thing, and I am totally in favor of it. It is wonderful to feel security and love from your brother. What's wrong with hugging spouses? Although, the only spouse I really hug is Alex - and who could escape if they wanted to?

At 7:15 PM, Anonymous Michael said...


I still don't like it, and my in-laws hug like crazy.


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