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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

To Be a Long Haired Goat
So I have this goat named Double Stuff. He is white and has long wool. Over 4 inches long. It is starting to look like dreds with all of the winter wet and dirty. So yesterday it was observed that he has some of his long hair stuck in his front teeth. Pull...Pull...MaaaMaaa! So scissors came into play to eliminate the drag racer head restraint. Hoping nature will fix the problem, a few hours later Double Stuff has this 3 inch long lock of hair sticking out of his mouth. To liken the goat reaction to people, think of having a piece of corn stuck in your front bottom teeth. You constantly are working on it with your tongue trying to dislodge it.
So we brought out the tools. By getting ahold of the offending hair in the inside of the mouth it came out to everyone's relief. Goat dental fun facts: Goats only have front bottom teeth no uppers; Goats have the front lowers then a gap, then the molars, a gap like a horse where the bit goes.
On a different topic we went to the beach for a couple nights. We enlisted the help of our neighbor to take care of the critters in our abscence. The problem was we didn't get to show her where everything is and the tricks to controlling the herd. So we get a call at the beach from her relating the $10,000 winning, funniest home video story. Couldn't find the light switch so trekked home to get a flash light. Didn't approve/find the hay for the rabbits, so trekked home to get some fresh hay. (Home is about 200 yards away) So the 4 goats are following her around frantically hoping for their grain, the little ones jumping up the whole time. And on it goes. Hopefully you get the picture.
Never a dull moment on the hobby farm. DMP


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