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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Honesty Isn't a Factor
With the changing of the government administration we have seen a dramatic shift in the agenda. These people will say anything.

The assault weapons ban of the Clinton era didn't change crime rates, it only limited the law abiding citizen freedom. Laws don't fix behaivor.
As we see in countries with stringent gun control laws, the person intent on hurting someone will use whatever is handy. It might be a kitchen knife, golf club, baseball bat, cricket bat, rock, brick, screw driver, hammer, tire iron... DMP



At 4:11 PM, Anonymous Sheryl said...

You do have to say that countries where the general citizenry (is that a word?)don't have guns have less violent crimes and murders. I think too many people in the US can gain easy access to guns and in many ways don't need them. Look at the middle school boys that seem to want to blow away their class mates and teachers or disgruntled people who shoot up places for no good reason.


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