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Monday, April 28, 2008

Honda Elements are Awesome
So when you need to haul something and a pickup really won't do. You really need a small moving van. Hey just use the Element. Oh and by the way, we got two alpacas.

The one with the soft fuzzy fleece walked to the car and got in without a fight. The straight wavy haired one gave a fight the whole way. We had a small rodeo a few times. They aren't that strong so I could control it. We tied their heads on a short lead to the bars in the floor that normally secure the rear seats. As soon as the car started moving they laid down and were almost falling asleep by the time we got home. Of course the one that fought all the way to and into the car, wouldn't get out of the car.

They are very interesting critters. Their personality is different than any other. They are very cautious. They can make a variety of noises; alarm, mad, content, etc. We don't know a ton about them so we will be reading lots.

We got them for a smoking deal and they have pretty good fleece. They are about ready for a shearing so that will be interesting. I have the goat shearing pretty well figured out. These new miniature giraffe's might be a little challenging.

The goslings are doing good and growing. We are keeping them close so they will imprint on us and hopefully by nice to us. The funniest thing is that they will follow you around. The other thing they do is stretch their head forward and low and run holding their little wings out.

Things just keep getting more interesting around the Paul farm. DMP

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At 7:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you going to use those guys for backpacking? Or do you secretly want to be a zoo keeper?
How big will they get? Sounds like a great new adventure. Keep us posted on how well everyone gets along.DP/CP/Zeus/Abby

At 8:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it spring fever or what? You guys take "small farm" to the extreme! Will those kriters stay NICE? mom

At 2:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tell Hick Momma that the last time I read your blog was the goslings in the sink. Very fun new additions to your fam. Off to the 'barn' here...

At 4:38 PM, Blogger Michael said...

I thought that is what you got the pickup for...haha. We love our Honda too, but alas, it is just a CRV.


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