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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Spring has Sprung

On Friday I scraped the ice off of the car windows before driving to work. On Saturday it was 70 degrees. The goats have been itching to have a hair cut but it has been too cold. So the rolly polly goats were transformed into skinny funny looking critters.

This is Double-Stuff after a hair cut. The really funny thing is they act all goofy to go along with the new look. They make weird noises in their throats and have their tongues hanging out and butt heads a ton.

The spring shearing is the most dramatic change. It is nice to have warm weather but the blood is a bit thick for the big change to occur in a day.

Youngest son spotted an inexpensive snow board toy and had to get it. We drove up Larch Mountain to see if there is any snow left. There is plenty! The dogs loved it too. DMP


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