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Sunday, April 13, 2008

We've Embraced Communism
It is interesting how the United States can go from abhorring Communism to depending on it for a majority of our products. The cheapest price and the quickest buck. It is the American way.

We have lost nearly all of our heavy industry to foreign producers because they do it so much cheaper. I wonder what the environmental cost to the earth is so we get these lower costs? I work eveyday with Engineers from India. I am learning how India was the low cost option for quite awhile but the country was a mess. Only now are they starting to clean up the pollution output, etc. This comes at a cost. The cost of products and labor out of India is gradually rising.
The same will happen with China. The people will desire Western things and a Western lifestyle and gradually things won't be so cheap anymore. They will want clean air and water so the low cost to produce eveything will go away.

Where will the United States be then? All of the industrial infastructure will be gone and the cheap imports will not exist any more. The competitive business culture will be turned upside-down. I am no prophet or economist but it seems rather obvious.

Another thing that is interesting is the crazy price of fuel. We are starting to have to pay what a lot of the world has been paying for years. Hmmmm. DMP


At 8:46 AM, Anonymous Julie said...

I think I'm turning into a democrat. All of this environmental thing has taken over first place on my radar. After reading "Rising Dragon" about China, I know what you are talking about! Things from there are only cheap because of letting pollution and human rights go right out the window. What a bunch of hypocrites we are in this country. We certainly couldn't do those things here, but elsewhere is okay. Out of sight, out of mind.


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