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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

If Only I had Known
Most of you know I have a thing for the firearms. When I was young and single and didn't have much money, I would save up to buy a new gun for like a year or more. I remember that Uzi carbines were $435 dollars for several years. Several years later, in college, I shot one in 9 mm with cast round nose bullets and that thing was super accurrate. You could hit rock chuck sized targets all day long at 100 yards. This was with the 16" barrel. If only I had known...

Another gun of note that I had pondered over was this modern looking pistol called a Bren Ten. The 10 mm cartridge was introduced in this gun. At that time the 10 mm ballistics matched a full house 357 mag load. Those pistols are worth thousands now... If only I had known.

Some bemoan certain automobiles. Others property or homes. At the beginning of this post I mentioned being single and not having much money. Now I am middle aged, married and still don't have much money... Problem now is I have up and coming shooters that need outfitted. DMP


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