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Sunday, March 02, 2008

The Realities of CTR
Did you ever notice that clean living doesn't allow one to reap all of the perks at work. Coffee and tea are provided by the company for everyone. Those that don't drink those beverages loose out on probably 200 dollars a year worht of benefit. The other thing we lose out on is the great breath that coffee drinker have.
Smokers are the ones that really get-my-goat. With all of the legislation in recent years they have to smoke outside and sometimes a certain distance from the buildings, once an hour or ever hour-and-a-half the smoker gets to take a 10 minute break. Smoke break that is. This doesn't factor in the legally mandated two 15 minute breaks or the 1/2 hour lunch. So where does that leave the rest of the workforce? A lot more productive! Why would someone knowingly hire a smoker? Oh, but you cannot disgriminate. No way. No how.
Due to the toll smoking takes on a human's health, this person probably is less productive when they are working. Go figure.
Okay, I got that out. I feel so much better. DMP

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At 4:47 AM, Blogger Carly said...

I can proudly say that I don't drink hot drinks--they're the devil's temperature!

At 1:49 PM, Anonymous Julie said...

I'm going to give up on your blog if my thirst for news is not slaked!


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