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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

You Never Know Where That Finger Has Been

In an earlier post I shared my x-ray of my broken pinky finger on my right hand. I had a checkup with the orthopedic to get an x-ray to make sure the bones had stayed in place as seen in the first x-ray. As luck would have it the very short piece had rotated downward and was not going the mend in line. I was then scheduled with a hand specialist to most likely do surgery. In the mean time, time is slipping away and my finger isn't fixed. The hand guy said the second week of February was the next appointment. My Doc got on the phone and impressed upon them that more immediated attention was required. I got scheduled for 5 days later, the 21st.

I got a surprise and they wanted to see me on Friday, the 18th. I didn't know ifit was a consultation or what. I ate breakfast, went to work, and called them to find out what time to come in. I had to go to St Vincent's clear across town. So I see them around 9:30 AM and they want me to check in for surgery at 3:30 PM. No food and no drink to pass my lips. I finally rolled to the operating room at 6:30 PM and we got home close to 10 PM. The picture below is what I ended up with. It is a little difficult to function. Typing is interesting. I am relearning to run the mouse with my left hand. A few years back I drove left handed running AutoCad.

Today I had a follow up appointment. They cut all of the bandages open and made sure no infection was present and not too much swelling. After I got home tonight I had to rework the bandages and wrapping. The picture below is my finger in all of its Frankensteinian glory. The blue things are caps on the end of the pin running through the bones. Nice big nine stitches that will come out next week.

The purple arrow is the pre-surgery identifier so they don't open up the wrong finger. The fun continues. DMP Luckily it doesn't hurt much now.

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At 4:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey baby, you really know how to impress the girls!! Gnarly!!! -C-

At 5:33 AM, Blogger Michael said...

I was feeling a little light headed just reading the description, and then the scrolled down to the bottom picture and just about toss'd my cookies.

So the real question I have is did you finally get the flywheel on?

Good write up of the dog as well.



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