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Monday, April 24, 2006

Bragging Rights
So I have been mechanicking lately. I have the lawn tractor operational. All fluids changed, new starter belt, wiring straightened out, drive system adjusted and lubricated. You can see who is happy. I need to build a trailer so I can put him to work.

The oldest gave a presentation to the School Board about class activities. He started off with an experiment then gave some examples of idioms. No note cards just from memory. The experiment spilt hot water all over the table which made it exciting.

This is Dad carefully dumping the baking soda into the vinegar to launch the rocket. The first try resulted in premature launch while I was still holding the rocket. This one worked with about 50 feet in the air achieved.

Saturday was all blue sky. I worked for a couple hours to get the old TD9 loader running. The eldest help for several hours pulling out dead trees. One big alder was only 1/4 dead. I tried to dig around it so it could be pushed over. In the prcess I dug up the cable tv/computer, made a big mess, got stuck down in my hole and ended up cutting the darn tree down with the chain saw. The neighbor dug me out with his wheel tractor. The boy got to drive for awhile dragging logs up the driveway to burn or be cut into firewood.

I am learning with old equipment you can't have too many good batteries. I am getting a free Jeep Cherokee to find a home for.

I received my latest E-bay purchase, a 300 Whisper Contender barrel. It is a specialty cartidge that uses a very small case to launch a heavy 30 caliber bullet at subsonic velocity. The bullet is a very efficient flier so it loses very little velocity down range. Its original purpose is for use with a silencer. It will shoot lighter 30 cal bullets at over 2300 fps. I don't know if I will go the legal silencer route due to the cost and hassle. I will probably just use it for hunting and shooting fun.

Lots going on. Nine days to visiting Mickey Mouse. It is all about the children. DMP


At 7:42 PM, Anonymous Julie said...

Wow! You lead a varied existence. Never a dull moment and all of that. Have fun on your trip!


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