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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Squealed Like a Stuck Pig
Our latest farming adventure is pigs. We decided a couple months back that we wanted to feed up a couple for 6-8 months for the eating. So last weekend, the 4th, we worked really hard getting the pig pad built. I had to go out of town for work and the pen was not complete. My wife had to pick up the weiners on Tuesday. She put them in the outdoor portion of the chicken run. They had it tilled up within 24 hours.
So last night we completed the real pig pen. It is about 20' x 40'. It is in a black berry brushy area as far away from the house as possible. The fence is 5 strands of barbed wire and one strand of electric in the inside about 8 inches off the ground. So last night about dark we moved the piggies to their new domicile.
The chicken area is about 8' x 12'. It was a challenge to catch those little piggies. They are fast, low and strong. My wife and I were going around in circles. We caught the bigger, quieter one. You should of heard her squeal. After I started packing here to their new pig she quieted down. The smaller of the two is more vocal all of the time. Oink...Oink-ing all of the time. When we caught her she squealed at full volume all the way to the new pen. I'll bet you could hear her a quarter mile away. I'm thinking the neighbors knew we were up tp something. As soon as I set them down they shut right up. They are so loud that it hurts your ears!
So now when someone says, "squealed like a stuck pig." I now understand from experience. We were all laughing so hard during the vocal chorus. DMP


At 8:59 AM, Anonymous Michael said...

Could the pigs burrow under the fence, or will the electric wire prevent that? Also, how much do you have to feed them per day and what do they eat? Will they take care of the blackberries?


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