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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Vocabulary Evolution
If one steps back and reflects upon the changes their vocabulary has changed through the years it is an interesting study. The word choices for un-mentionables change with life phases. Here are a few of the stages:
1. The family you grew up with as a child.
2. Your school days (parallel vocab away from family).
3. Left the house and on your own.
4. Just a married couple.
5. Your own children.
6. A grandparent.
I am in phase 5. You don't say the "S" word, meaning stupid or shutup. The "H" word is hate. Poop has become "stinkers." Pull-up diapers have become "night timers" to allow kids to be more grown up. Boobs are "bumps."
Some comments on the other phases. For a period of time during phase 2 I could have been mistaken for a sailer or a construction worker. Phase 1 was very conservative. Phase 4 had the cute terms of endearment. Phase 6 is yet to come about and is at least 12 years ago. The things we do... DMP


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