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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Hobbles and Carburetors
So life just goes. It is Spring as the larger goat is springing over fences whenever possible. I attempted to make a set of hobbles to keep the jumper grounded. The hobbles didn't work as planned. After installation a large stutter jumping goat streaked out into the night. The hobbles came off. We may have to give it another try as he is looking in windows at odd times.
We got the track loader running and rooted out a few dead trees and stumps. The #1 son was over joyed. I let him drive it. We have lots more work to do, weather permitting.
The lawn tractor isn't operational yet. It cranks and will run by dumping gas in the carb or sparkplug hole. I can't get it to draw fuel through the carb. The wiring was all messed up. I had a technical rep helping on a project at work that started his career as a mechanic on lawn tractors in Wisconsin. He came over one evening and helped troubleshoot the electrical system. It was great to have someone that new the systems helping.
Pinewood derby is this Friday so this week's evenings are dedicated to putting the final touches on the cars. Cars with an "S" because the youngest has to build a car too. The nice thing is the Cub Scouts let him race. So that is the news. DMP


At 11:10 AM, Anonymous Michael said...

Here's a couple links. One related to your post, one not. One interesting, one not. Sounds like your having fun on the farm.


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