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Friday, March 03, 2006

I'm So Busy I Can't Get Anything Done
These last few days life has taken on a faster tempo. Blogging inspiration has been lacking in the whirlwind. The youngest has had an after-school wrestling activity. Yes, kindergardeners wrestling! It is great. He comes home hungry, tired, and really happy.
The eldest is hitting puberty, is too smart, loves TV and games and is a talker. He has Webelos and after school Inventor activity.
The Mrs. teaches knitting classes two times a week and works evenings 4-5 days a week. So I get to ramrod the domestic scene.
We are getting ready to have 2 new pigs at the zoo. So pen building, shelter building, and feed gathering are underway. The pigs are going to be about 400 feet from the house so we have to route water and electric fence down there.
I am heading to NC next week for work, so I am trying to get loose ends tied up. The pigs will come to the place while I am out of town. That should make for a $10k funniest home video.
We are getting excited to have a new piece of equipment on the farm, an 18,000 lb TD9 track loader. We find more things we can do with it everyday. The boys are already dreaming about getting to drive.
We are researching a new vacuum. Alas a vacuum... I am trying to work to smartest and most economic fuel injection system for the Landcruiser. Ebay is getting lots of screen time.
It makes for a tornado life style. But its a good thing. DMP


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