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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Summer's Project Complete - Yahoo!

In the spring the goats get all goofy and they get out on all sides. There is no reason to, it's just spring. You know how every person has "the thing" that bugs them. For my dad it was the outside dog barking at night. For me it is lots of things. Things like children fighting on either side of a door because eventually someone's fingers are going to get smashed. I could tell that for Ralph it was our goofy goats getting on his side of the fence. Generally they just eat the brush but once in a while they get close to his flower beds.

This spring the neighbors asked if they could go halves on putting in new fence. I started figuring and shooting lines trying to figure out how to straighten out the line and make the fence better. After taking out 4 trees that fell right where the fence should go we were ready to replace the fence. Any good fence requires sturdy corners and ends posts. I just happen to have some substantial I beam pieces around the place so we put in three of these with 180 pounds of concrete. They turned out fairly substantial...

I welded lock washers on to have something to tie the wire to. We put about 24 inches in the ground with the concrete and have about five and a half feet above ground.

Taking out the old fence is a job and pulling out the old posts is the hardest part. I started looking around for ideas and materials and made a post puller.

The post puller works great! We even pulled some round wooden posts out with it.

Three quarters of one Saturday and half of another were required to remove the old and put in the new fence. We bought taller "hog" wire which we hope will deter the goats come next spring.

I don't have a good picture of the new fence. (maybe I'll add that later)

It is nice to have this summer's major project done and I don't have to worry about Ralph stressing out over the dumb goats.... No we just have to fill the woodshed.

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