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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom Trip to the Beach

We took a weekend trip to Pacific City for some fun time. Dad has gotton his CJ2A so it is pretty reliable. We took a Jeep ride down the beach to where the Nestucca River runs into the sea. This area is always changing and is off the normal visitor path. On the beach there was a group of fur seals. We started taking pictures and gradually walking closer. We got to within about 15 feet of them. A few awkwardly flopped into the water as we worked our way close but it was pretty neat checking them out so close.

We took another Jeep ride up a road that runs along a ridge that is adjacent to the beach and Cape Kiwanda. As we were motoring slowly along this black creature bounded across the road. It didn't compute at first what it was..."that's a bear!" It was a cub about the side of a lab.

I immediately started looking for momma bear. She was on the slope above us to our left and she had another cub with her! I told Dad he'd better back up and give here a little space. Once we did she ran across the road with junior on her heels.

You can see momma bear was bigger than a great dane. As we proceeded up the road/trail the first cub (maybe a yearling) was up a tree as the first bear picture shows. We had passed houses getting to the trail and there were houses in sight across a small gully when we saw the bear up the tree.

Seeing a bear in the wild is a once in a life time experience for most people. This summer we saw a black bear up a tree in Yellow Stone and now we see one close to home at the beach. It gave us something to talk about.



At 8:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cool pictures. We went the same places, but didn't see any wildlife at all!



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