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Monday, June 19, 2006

"The Smell of Death Surrounds You"
So the three legged goat has had his "cast" on for 9 weeks. It is time to see the results. I trapped him in the head stanchion during the morning grain. I started picking at the duct tape. Wow, duct tape can get solid after 9 weeks! I busted out the pocket knife to get a start. No, I didn't cut his leg. I cut along the aluminum bars in the cast so I wouldn't give him a blood letting. As I am wrestling the tape off I grabbed his leg at the knee with one hand to get some leverage, and pulled on the tape with the other hand. Poor old Spike let out a cry like I was cutting his leg off. I backed off, wondering if his leg hadn't healed up. As I revealed a hairy goat leg the stench was bad. I remember reading and talking to people that have had casts and hearing that the sweaty appendage was rank when revealed. As I get his leg unwrapped I am gaging at the smell.
Upon inspection he has a big sore on the inside of his leg that has been oozing. Now I know why it smells like death warmed over. So now I am worried that I have to clear up an infection. We check the vet supplies in the refridgerator door and presto we have some antibiotics. Live stock needles are big! He gets a shot and some Blue Kote on the sore. The leg is looking a lot more civilized a day later. He hasn't put any weight on the leg but that is okay. I need to trim that hoof so I will set down at the correct angle.
Hopefully the goat will survive. He is a twit but that is part of the entertainment. DMP


At 8:47 PM, Anonymous JennFreeman said...

Okay, that sounds totally gross. Another reason why we'll never have animals, if I have my way. I guess they're probably just normal adventures on the farm.


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