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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Life, It's What We Do
I don't really have any good stories. Let's start with the goats. They have this strange thing with chewing the bark off the trees. It isn't a certain type of tree or season. I yell at them whenever I catch them at it. So last night I got the pellet gun out and smacked a couple of them with only 3 pumps at 40 yards. Goats are hard to train or rationalize with. This morning they were chewing on the trees. I'll have to consult the all knowing
We have two boys, they are busy people. So guess what? Their parents are busy. The youngest son has decided his world revolves around kayaks. Don't ask me why. He is living and breathing kayaks. Does he have $400 for a kayak? No. Has he ever been in a kayak? No.
The last captivation was a .22 rifle. That one only lasted about a week. Does he even have a BB gun? No. Will his parents survive these obsessions? Probably not.
News flash! It takes money to live... in this world we live in. By the way, gas is expensive. That takes some budgetary adjustment. I for one think about it when I push the skinny pedal. I don't think that many other Americans think about it. We still have traffic jams...
People can say the meanest things to one another, without any facts to back it up. We're all guilty. DMP


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