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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

So here are a coupe pictures of the tree house. Tree houses in the country have some rules associated with them. The building materials cannot be new, they have to be scrounged. The lads did chores for the neighbors to earn most of their wood. The rope ladder is DMP's idea: 2 inch PVC pipe and 1/2 inch braided nylon rope. There is a trap door where they climb up, so when they are inside messing around the door can be shut to avoid, "that first step is a doozy." They have visibility from all sides. The window has a door because it faces the way the weather comes from. I staked down the bottom of the rope ladder to make it easier to climb.
One thing to note is trees don't grow straight, vertical or round. That is why the funny shape. I used lag bolts to attach the two main joist to the tree.
The mushroom picture is from our hike last Saturday. We went out toward Larch Mountain and walked some logging roads. I took along a shotgun for grouse. The best we saw was lots of mushrooms. We found one Chantrelle and lots of mildly poisonous Chantrelle look alikes. I double checked before consumption. Cami and Clancy were really getting into the schroom hunting. Where we live it is about 10 minutes to hunting and hiking with few people around. Gotta love it. DMP


At 10:08 AM, Anonymous the goat whisperers wife said...

Our hike was fun. Clay kept saying we were hunting gross, it was cute. Our move to the country is the best thing we have ever done for our family!


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