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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pretty Boys
I have noticed the last couple years the pretty boy trend. There are males out there spending more time and money on their appearance than their girlsfriends. The way to spot them is to watch out for the perfect tan, expensive tattoos, designer clothes, designer sun glasses and a shiny automobile. If it is a truck it is exceptionally clean and lifted by some 4x4 shop. Generally the truck or wheels will have oversized wheels that would make any hispanic green with envy.

A good Hollywood example would be the boyfriend at the beginnning of the first Transformers movie. He is more worried about his vehicle, his appearance and his male friends.

The great part of being a guy is you are ready to go at a minutes notice. You can wear yesterday's clothes and think nothing of it. You have a tool box full of tools and know how to use them. A real man is secure with himself he doesn't need fluff to help his self image.



At 10:48 AM, Anonymous mom said...

Here! Here! Clean clothes are nice tho.


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