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Monday, October 05, 2009

Dizzing Heights

The boys and I have found a spot on the Columbia River Gorge that is really an amazing view point. It is a sharp ridge of rock that juts out from the cliff. My estimates are that it is about 300 feet high. I am estimating based on how high we are from the tops of the tress in the valley below.
If you look closely there are 17 elk down in the grassy area below. They are probably a mile away. We watched them for a while through 10x binoculars. There were two or three bulls and they were chasing the cows around. It was pretty neat to observe them and they weren't headed for the next county.

Here's the youngest on top of the world. I will say that this is not a place to stumble or hang out at during a high wind. It is a pretty neat spot to visit and observe without fighting the crowd.

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